After seeing much of the world, Kurt and I came to explore Costa Rica in 2003.  We traveled and explored most of the country and ended up in Nosara on a whim.  We immediately felt at home and comfortable in the warm and welcoming community. After only being here for 2 days we contacted a real estate agent to start looking for our own place here. There was not much listed and work still called us back to the states.  
     A few months later we returned bringing our oldest son with us to explore more of the neighborhoods. On one of our rambles we walked down a shady lane along the hillside above Pelada Beach and I told Kurt I wanted to live on that beautiful hillside. There is jungle, wildlife, ocean views and privacy but nothing was for sale then. We ended up buying a small house close to the beach but on every trip back to Nosara we returned to the hillside to dream about living there. 
     Since the real estate agent is a friend as well, he knew we still loved the shady lane on the hillside and when a lot became available he contacted us and we snapped it up. We started planning construction of our house there and put together the list of requirements to get started on our next visit. 
With our plans in hand we returned to stay in the beach house while we built.  We arrived to find our property manager had done a great job for a long term rental and our house was already full. This gave us the perfect opportunity to stay at a b&b just down the road from our lot to see what it was really like on the hillside.  It was as perfect as we thought it would be.  In the process of staying on the hill we discovered another location along that shady lane and purchased it.  Now I possession of 2 lots on the hill we decided to let this one go not without regrets since it occupied our dreams for some time. 
     There is still the shady lane, ocean views, wildlife and short distance to the ocean and river but now someone else will bring their dreams to the Nosara hillside. Welcome to the neighborhood Pura Vida!  



Price: USD 160,000
Land: 870 sq m. | 0.22 acres
Status: SOLD
Property Type: Lot



Very private location
Big trees with cool shades
walking to the Beach







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506 8839 3254