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Our ultimate goal is finding you a property that makes solid financial sense and that you absolutely love. We are passionate about real estate and about Nosara, our knowledge, professionalism and commitment are reinforced by a staff that loves the Nosara pura vida lifestyle.

When it comes to finding a property we will be your guides to walk you through every single step. We work with a variety of clients and properties ranging from beachfront tropical estates to luxury penthouses nestled in the foothills of our exotic forests.



We are here to assist you with any real estate or Nosara lifestyle questions that you may have. A vast knowledge of Costa Rican regulations and the pura vida way of life will allow us to inform you with everything that you will need to know. 

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Born in Islamorada, Florida, Brandon is a true Island boy who has successfully avoided a winter colder than 65 degrees his entire life. He has been proud to call Nosara home since 2001. His wife and two children are tan, gorgeous and above average in nearly every way. Brandon is a true waterman, happiest when he is on, in or below the ocean.



Brian is originally from southeastern North Carolina and spent many weekends there sport fishing along the NC coast. That love of sport fishing brought Brian to Nosara for a vacation in 2011, and he’s been here full time ever since.

Brian has been working in the travel and real estate business for 7 years in Nosara. Prior to living in Costa Rica,  he co-owned an operated a large chain of convenience stores and opened one of the first brewpubs to be located in North Carolina. He helped lead North Carolina’s legislation for a new industry of brewpubs and microbreweries in the mid 1990’s. Today there are over 180 brewpubs located in his state.

When you don’t see Brian at the Wanderlust Realty office, he’s either sport fishing or traveling the world. Brian began an annual fishing tournament in Playa Garza 7 years ago that is attended by anglers from all over the world. He also mentors young entrepreneurs in Nosara and sees them as a vital part of the future for the town.

“It’s important to me that we give back to our young budding entrepreneurs. There have been people in my life that had given me advice, support and love throughout the years. I’d like to carry on that tradition."



From San Jose, Cosa Rica, began visiting Nosara in the late 90's on his surf trips with friends. After graduating from Business School and a 5 year career with the largest hospitality company in Costa Rica, he decided to move to Nosara full time and trade the stressful morning comutes for morning surf and a healthier lifestyle.

He now has over 12 years of experience consulting in Real Estate in the area and dozens of transactions successfully and smoothly closed; representing Buyers, Sellers and Brokers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. 

It is his personal & professional belief that everyone involved in the Real Estate Industry from developers, brokers, lawyers, to loan agents must seek as an ultimate goal the complete satisfaction of:

A — The property owner or final user
B — The immediate community &
C — External community



Tanya joined the Wanderlust Realty team over 11 years ago and has become the heart and soul of the office. Born and raised in the Nosara area, Tanya’s knowledge of the local culture and community allows her to be a great advocate for her home town. On days when Tanya is not anchoring the Wanderlust Realty office, you can find her helping her church, community and families of Nosara. Tanya enjoys mountain bike riding and exploring all the wonderful waterfalls and trails of Guanacaste. One can always count on a quick smile from her.



Nathaniel was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina where he attended Appalachian State University and earned his B.S. in Building Science with a concentration in Architectural Tech. & Design. It was his love for the outdoors, sustainability and responsible design that drove his interest in working on a global scale. After graduation he lived in India for 6 months where he worked for an Architectural firm and then backpacked around the Himilayas.

Upon Returning to the states the opportunity arose to come to Nosara and work for Wanderlust Realty and Dreamstarter SLR as a Designer/Photographer. The Pura Vida lifestyle, unique culture, flourishing biodiversity, and beautifully designed homes have kept him in awe ever sense. 



allan monestel

Allan was born and raised in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  He moved to San Jose for university where he got a degree in Information Technologies for Business Management at Universidad Latina. As a person who grew up in the mountains of Costa Rica surrounded by nature, Allan was taught to always care for it. His love of the outdoors and Costa Rican biodiversity inspired him to start capturing it’s beauty. This led him to pursue photography and to spend a semester abroad in the United States studying photography and graphic design at Sante Fe University of Art and Design. 

After returning to Costa Rica and spending time traveling around the country, he landed in Nosara because he believes that this small town has all the best that Costa Rica has to offer. 

“I believe that we must live in a place we don't need a vacation from, live in a place that makes us enjoy our daily lives as an adventure, surrounded by beauty, and that inspires us to appreciate the simply things in life”. 

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Born and raised in a small town in Georgia (Southern United States), Liana embraces the value of a supportive community.  Her adventurous spirit led her to spread her wings early on and she is grateful that she has been able to travel to many corners of the world.  

On her first visit to Costa Rica, she fell in love with the natural beauty and pura vida lifestyle.  It was an easy choice to finally settle down.   Although she continues to travel, she relishes the opportunities of meeting people from all over the world who come to visit Nosara.  

Liana enjoys immersing herself in the culture that Costa Rica provides and keeps busy teaching English and yoga as well as learning to grow and cook the local foods.