A Call to Arms. Or legs. Or breasts…


Nosara is at her core a feminine being. Her waters warm and embracing. Yet they can swell in size and strength that give even the most confident human pause. Her breezes are nearly always caressing and gentle, but, every once in a while she whips them into a frenzy just to remind us how small we really are, and how humble we should be.  Her land is vibrant and fertile, and yet with a single shift of her hips, she can rattle our homes and our resolve to dust.

And this is what draws us here. A land that is more balanced and feminine. A step removed from the over the top masculinity of North America and other “developed countries”. Many of us are unhappy on a core level with what we have been taught and told, which all stems from an inherently masculine energy. We are all searching for something more balanced, more natural. Nosara offers us a place where we can slow down and examine our truths to see if they are in fact, “our” truths. It is a place that nurtures us with healthy foods and a sustainable pace. We are a community that values playtime just as much, if not more, than work time. We take pride in our shunning of the traditional. 

Unfortunately, this is changing. The balance is being tipped back in the direction of the hard masculine. As evidenced from the bickering constantly on display on the Facebook, we are devolving back to our most primal instincts.  We are beginning to fight, instead of communicate, to take and hoard, instead of share. We are all beginning to feel entitled, justifying that entitlement with arguments about “How hard I work”, “How long I have lived here” or, “How much money I do or do not have”. Each argument is a brick in the wall separating ourselves from Nosara.  We need to realize that Nosara is us. And we are her. As we build up individual walls continuing to separate ourselves into smaller and smaller separate groups, so do we slowly dissect and cleave off crucial elements that make Nosara who she is. 

Nosara needs all of our help. But most importantly she needs a healthy dose of feminine influence. She needs to be balanced by her own kind stepping up and insisting on beauty and balance. Demanding grace and life and joy and playfulness. Nosara is calling to her bad bitches to come to her aid and demand that things be done correctly. That the intangibles that make her great are not left out in the name of being more profitable.  The masculine is building and planning and creating, but should not be left to alone to do so.

Rise up I say. Stake your claim within our community.

I want to mobilize the better half before it is too late.  Bathe our town in your white light. Help us explore and verbalize the esoteric elements of Nosara that create the unspeakable that we all feel and love and yet have so much trouble putting to word.

Help the masculine creators and builders stay on course. Make sure we are creating good, and remaining creative. That we are challenging, not just ourselves, but our clients and competition to rise above normal. That we are striving for something new and better and balanced. Left to our own devices it will devolve into a testosterone fueled, ego inflated, dick measuring contest. A mad money scramble until we are deforested, subdivided and paved over finding ourselves in exactly the same town that we all initially fled to begin with.

Use your wiles. Use your whit and charm. Consciously bring forth your inner strength and intuitive wisdom. Work with your Mulah Banga. Unleash your black witch. Use your vertical smile, arguably the greatest leverage that God ever created, that is your divine right to convince those around you that the feminine is worth fighting for. That she will not be unheard, ignored or otherwise compromised. Do this for us, do this for yourselves, for your children, your community, for the world.

Support each other and do not hide in plain site. Do not lose yourselves in petty competition and back biting. Flee from the confines of social media expectations and Facebook rants,  And engage! Show us the way, lead us into beauty. Help us write our future to create something that our children will be proud of. That we can all be proud of. 

We cannot do it without you. 

I believe in you.

I love you.