Casa DOS COrazones

We first came to Nosara when friends built a home in Playa Pelada. Our first visit was in the rainy season. You’d think the biblical rain and treacherous driving along the old unpaved road from the highway to Nosara would act as a deterrent.  On the contrary we laughed out loud as our SUV bounced off of crazy caters in the road and took wide turns around lakes of water in the muddy road. It was the unspoken cooperation of the other drivers that introduced us to the warmth of the people of Costa Rica. We passed whole families on a single ATVs, crowded flatbed trucks of soccer fans returning from a match weaving through the mud laughing and waving. We stopped in the road to allow cattle to cross and yelled “Hola!” to the caballero on horseback driving his herd home.

It all seemed a universe away for a couple of New Yorkers looking to escape city life. We spend most of their time on the streets of Midtown Manhattan where we work on Broadway musicals and plays. JoAnn as a choreographer and Brian as a sound designer.  Our work is an extension of our lives and is all consuming. We were looking for a place to leave that busy life behind. One sunset on Playa Pelada was all it took.

We found a local broker and bought a plot along the monkey trail that leads to the beach. We then found a contractor who built the home under budget and under schedule.  On our trip back to Nosara to close on the house we drove in the dark out to the Boca road which was still unfamiliar to us at the time. Unsure of exactly where we were we drove past a beautiful home with all its lights on several times as we looked for our newly built home. When we realized that that shining home was indeed ours we laughed at our good fortune.  Our love affair with Dos Corazones had begun.

Working with an architect friend we’d built what we’d dreamed of.  A home that had lots of light and air. Where we could sit with friends in the open rancho and serve food and drink from the easily accessed kitchen.  With bathrooms in all three bedrooms we and our guests could maintain privacy during our visits making the home feel much larger.  We’ve had so many wonderful times dipping in and out of the lap pool after the short walk to the beach, or after exploring the nearby nature trails.  Our home is enhanced by its proximity to the boca and it’s fishing and kayaking.

We’re blessed to very busy in New York at work but sadly our schedules have made getting away to Dos Corazones much harder so it is with heavy hearts that we put the house for sale. We can only hope that some nice folks move in and continue to enjoy the water, the air and the light with their friends and families