Casa Linda's vista

Working successfully in a high pressure marketing position I found Costa Rica to be the perfect place to escape the daily barrage of email and phone calls. Each year for over 20 years I would escape with fly rod in hand to catch sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, you name it. Then I began to notice the excellent surfing potential as well. I began a 20 year quest to find the perfect fishing and surfing destination covering the entire pacific coast. I also started a coffee import business on the side to support my travels and this took me to the interior and the high altitude coffee growing regions of the country. I thought I had seen it all until I discovered the Nosara area and the enchantment of Bahia Garza and the incredible surf of Playa Guiones which must be the most consistent break on the planet. I fell in love with Nosara.

The next step was how to find a place of my own. I purchased property in Playa Pelada area of Nosara and began working with Donald Loria (the most creative architect mind of the area) and we sketched out the perfect home. While searching for a builder to build this dream home my rental home in Pelada area was burglarized and they took everything including my desire to build in Costa Rica. I was down and depressed that my vision would be lost, scheduled a flight out when I received a call from a local realtor (my good friend Rich Burnam). He told me of a very secure property built in the exclusive community of Vista Royal and told me it would be worth rescheduling that flight just come and see. I drove to the property that afternoon in time to catch the most perfect sunset and my hopes and dreams were immediately renewed.

After that sunset we found a way to sale the Pelada property, purchase the Vista Royal property, and adjust the building plans to suit the new lot. The home that I wanted to be our family compound in Costa Rica was beginning to happen. Working with my good friend Andrew Saxton as building consultant we discovered Leiman Hernandez who really wanted to build this home. Working with Andrew and Leiman the process began and there were times it becameso difficult, I almost gave up. It's not easy building in a foreign country where you don't speak the language and know few people. It's hard really really hard and not for just anyone. What I discovered was there are people you can trust here and the awesome beauty of Vista Royal.

Leiman completed the home in time for my family to enjoy Christmas in the home and since my daughter has spent her honeymoon there and my son to enjoy his Batchelor party there. Since that time it has become not only a refuge where you can escape and renew but a place our family has enjoyed. We have an excellent staff that love and care for the home as if it were theirs. Discovered some wonderful neighbors in our tight knit community where we care for each other and look out for one another.

The peace and privacy of the home allow you to just relax and enjoy cool ocean breezes, stars you have never seen before, and that sunset that renewed my dreams well it's there every night. We built a kitchen and a half so that cooking and enjoying the home far outweigh any desire to leave for dinner. There are a few rather unique features of the home. The solar panels produce enough power through our net metering program that a $6.00 power bill is not uncommon. Worried about the water shortages that are all to common down in Guiones and the rest of Nosara we doubled down, not only does Vista Royal have its on excellent water well but the home is equipped with an 800 gallon cistern buried in the front that can gravity fee the entire home. Security was a main concern after my experience down in the lower Nosara area where break ins are not uncommon, so in addition to the main Vista Royal gate and our community guard we installed a state of the art security system and imported security screens that allow you to leave the bedrooms open while you sleep or close the doors and enjoy the air conditioning. You can't cut those screens with an ax. The rancho allows for the native Costa Rican feel and hidden in its high pitched roof is a secret bedroom overlooking the pool, grilling area and half kitchen with a full bath downstairs.

With the children married now and hopes for grandchildren soon it's time to let go of the dream and share it with maybe you. We need to stay closer to home but we made plenty of friends in the area so we plan to continue to visit when we can. We certainly hope you will join us in the experience of owning your very own dream home here in Vista Royal.