casa rooney : the story

Locals and ex-pats alike know that life in Nosara can be a double-edged sword; a trade off between the trials and tribulations of jungle life, counterbalanced by arising each day to the sounds of nature, followed by a yoga class and / or a wave check, all against a backdrop of some of the most stunning terrain on planet earth. While Nosara has its share of challenges, one thing is for certain: modern living conditions are a far cry from times past. The first generation of expats who called Nosara home, paved the way for the international beach community we know today.

Affectionately referred to as the “old timers” Nosara's old guard were an eclectic mix of intrepid pioneers. Where others saw rivers, mud, dust and all things primitive, these guys envisioned a lifestyle worth fighting for. Enter Mary and Marty Rooney, a couple from Chicago who in 1986 cast aside reservations concerning life in the Central American jungle, after a single, encouraging call with the Costa Rican consulate.

“We came to Costa Rica shortly after we were married in 1985” says Mary. “I remember Marty returning from a conversation with a friend and talking enthusiastically about purchasing property in Costa Rica.” she continues. “However, I remained skeptical. Soon after I spoke with a Costa Rican consulate representative in New York who convinced me to give it a try. Tried it I did, and I never looked back.”

On arrival into San Jose, Mary and Marty faithfully followed the suggested travel itinerary, and after exploring Playa Flamingo (too expensive), Playa Tamarindo (too developed) and a few other places they decided to check out an area which, in light of tales concerning hellish back country journeys, impassable rivers, and other such hurdles, few ventured.

“Back then the Samara road had not yet been built. The first time we came it took us 5 hours from San Jose to Nicoya, a 2 hour Nicoya layover, followed by a 5 hour bus ride to Nosara” says Mary. “Fellow travelers were amazed that these “Gringos” took the bus. The friendliness and warmth of the locals was of a nature we'd rarely ever seen, and definitely not expected. It took only moments before we felt adopted, cared for, and like we'd known these people our entire lives.”

After this encounter with the true “Pura Vida” spirit of the Guanacaste people, Marty and Mary arrived at the “Beaches of Nosara” and instantly knew they had found their home away from home. “We returned each year and eventually bought property” says Mary. “Although there were a lot more property options back then, ultimately we decided on our lot in Pelada because it was the perfect mix of gorgeous sunset views and walkability to the beach. We celebrated the property by building a home that friends and family could enjoy with us for years to come. I'll never forget our afternoon ritual of ringing our carnival bell with margarita in hand as the sun set on another beautiful day. This is just one of the countless memories that this house has left us with.”

Since it's construction in 1999 Casa Rooney's social gatherings have become the stuff of legend among community members, and after stepping through the doors it's easy to see why. Anyone who's visited will attest to the fact that this property goes above and beyond in terms of design, aesthetics, and location. All of this begs the question of why Marty and Mary Rooney would possibly place a house they have such an intimate connection with on the market. “The reason is simple” says Mary. “Marty and I have been visiting Nosara for many years. As we get older the frequency of our visits starts to dwindle, and as much as we would love to be as young as we once were we both feel it's time to pass the reins onto people who we hope can enjoy this home as much as we once did.”

Casa Rooney is currently available for showings by appointment only. Please contact us if you are ready to ring in your daily sunsets from this magical home.