Casa vista bonita

Norm and I are inveterate travelers- mine from all the exotic trips I took working as a Ford model, and Norm from his days working for a German company which required monthly trips to Europe. We’d been lucky to visit very glamorous places, and had definite tastes in what pleased us.We were looking for a second home to escape the cold winters and had been all over the US and the Caribbean- it was when we arrived in Nosara that we knew we’d found that magical place. Incredible natural beauty, warm, clear ocean water, unspoiled, uncrowded beaches, a good climate, and wonderful people. Legend has it that the aura surrounding the beach in Guiones has mystical powers, and we believe it! We started looking at properties, and before we left on that first trip, we saw the special, perfect lot , at sunset, breezes blowing, the most gorgeous view imaginable. Mango, papaya, lemon and banana trees were everywhere.

We’d looked at several houses and found that most were dark, withcramped, tiny rooms, low ceilings, and little outside space. We also wanted privacy. We consulted Vincent Smith, a Feng Shui expert who wrote Feng Shui For Architects, and asked him to design a house that flowed with energy, light and beauty. We wanted everything on one floor, no more steps, spacious rooms,and a large outside terrace. We found a wonderful local architect who translated the plans, and chose to use lots of teak, local tile and cedar, and solar powered hot water. He educated us on the local custom of having high ceilings so the air flows and cools the rooms. It was worth getting the best materials, as the house is always naturally cool; we rarely use air conditioning. We added touches from our travels to France, Spain and Portugal to give it a mixture of comfort and sophistication. We love the saltwater infinity pool shaped as the shorelineof Playa Guiones, overlooking the Pacific, and the scent of ylangylang and plumeria drifting upas we swim! We enjoy the perfume of the coral ginger and colors of the bougainvillea and hibiscus that surround us.

It’s been a dream to live here- of our many friends who have visited, this is the placewhere they most want to return. it’s perfect for entertaining- the en suite guest rooms are on the opposite side of the central living space, giving everyone lots of privacy to come and go as they please. We’re always up at dawn, ready for our beach walk, then come home to breakfast on the terrace and planning our day, whether swimming, horseback riding, zip lining, shopping,  or just chilling by the pool and reading or doing watercolors. It’s fun for everyone, from the most world wise, to children,  to pick fruit for their breakfasts while watching the monkeys and parrots chatter!

We never miss sunset on the terrace- a giant red sun settingright across the ocean, it’s like a movie. Every night the colors are different, each one more spectacular. This morning’s sunrise was many shades of pink, just breathtaking. We’ve been lucky meeting so many generous, lovely, adventurous people, so we’re often joined bylocal friends. There’s a wonderful spirit in the people who decide to live here - spontaneous and eager to explore all that’s available. We find the food is amazing, everything tastes better here, perhaps from being fresh and unprocessed. We love the simple life, yet it has an elegance, too. Natural wonders, yet the comforts of home - so lucky to have found this awesome place in the universe. We’ve made the most of our precious time here, and as we move backhome to family and growing grandchildren, we know someone else will love it as much as we have.