Paraiso 5

Rick and I decided to build a house in Costa Rica and had been looking at property to buy near Montezuma, at the most southern point of the Nicoya Peninsula. We had visited that area of the country several times. Then, we read about Nosara and decided we should visit before we committed to the purchase. We came to Nosara for three weeks. We never went back to Montezuma.

In Nosara, we looked at several lots close to the beach, but didn’t feel that was for us. We love the beach, but we also love the mountains and living next to the beach did not really appeal to us. For one thing, it seemed too crowded - we like neighbors, but we also like some space in between.

Rick found the property on San Juan Mountain and I first saw the area when we took a horseback ride together. Not even quite there, I said “if this is where it is, I want it!”. It seemed like the top of the world, but still in easy reach of everything we love about Guiones, Pelada and Nosara (the community, beaches, horses, tennis, yoga.) There were incredible views in all directions, and we noticed the quiet - only the monkeys and the birds and we could even hear the ocean!

We loved it so much that we bought two lots just a few weeks after we saw them. We have never regretted the decision to build our house here. The hard decision was which of our lots to build on! Our construction began in 2006. At first we thought we would just go back and forth between Georgia and Costa Rica, then we asked ourselves - why?! We moved in full time 9 years ago.

We know we have the best of both worlds. It is cooler up here. The sunsets are like theater. We are 20-25 minutes from the beaches and anything we want in Nosara, but when we are at home we feel we are in a different world. Friends have even described it to us in this way. And they love to come up to visit us!

We would like to make additions and improvements to our “Green Mountain Casita”, so we have made the difficult decision to sell our 2nd lot .