san juan de nosara

We spend our days partaking in the energy filled activities, intense beauty, world class surf, distinctive food and great people of the beaches of Nosara. After a while our basic Human nature will eventually ask us to find a quiet, cooler and more private place to rest and relax.

Thats when Nosara becomes even more special, just a short drive from the white sand beaches we can find the enchanting lush hills of San Juan. Here lies a place unlike any other in Nosara. A private development featuring 43 unique lots, 29 of which are ready for construction. These properties hold the potential for the very definition of luxury living in Costa Rica. This development is designed for the person that wants to stand apart from the centralized development of the beach areas while still enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica. 

The San Juan development is nestled above the hills of Playa Garza, a quaint sport fishing bay with a true taste of Costa Rican lifestyle. Here you can find the freshest sea food around. Just stop in at Bahia Garza or Nosara Playa Garza Hotel to enjoy some of the best pizza and ceveche that Nosara has to offer. Not only is Playa Garza known for its food and fishing but also for the more calm and relaxed way of life that is true to Costa Rican tradition and culture. 

San Juan's private location not only in itself provides the seclusion people seek, but at the same time it places you just a short drive from the hidden cove beaches of Barco Quebrado and Barrigona. These gorgeous white sand beaches are a sharp contrast to the energetic surfing tourist beaches of Giounes and Pelada. They offer a subtle peaceful feel with minimal crowds and maximum relaxation. 

The beaches of Nosara are known for many things: surfing, yoga, fine dining, live music, abundant wildlife, and much more. All of these things are essential but do not completely add up to the entirety of the true "Pura Vida" that people come here to find. If it is the real pure life experiance that you seek to find sometimes you have to venture off the beaten path. Sometimes you have to dare to discover new areas and new adventures. San Juan offer just that. A new frontier for luxury living that creates that privacy, peacefulness, and relaxation that is a requirement for true Pura Vida.