sustainability & Nosara

For anyone who has spent more than a few days here in Nosara, there is no denying that sustainable development is something this community holds dear to its heart. On every corner and in every detail, the idea of responsible progression is evident. This community is growing and the change is obvious. All around the world we have witnessed what uncontrolled and unguided development can lead to. Nosara has observed the changes, and has no doubt learned how to embrace them for a brighter and more environmentally friendly future. Take a moment to learn about what we can do together to insure that we maintain the beauty and wholesomeness of the eco-elegant town that we know and love. 



Throughout the beaches of Nosara and surrounding areas you can find large portions of land that have been designated as conservation park land. The most notable of these is the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. Originally founded in 1984, the ONWF was established to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. To this day the ONWF has grown to encompass the beaches of Ostional, Nosara, Pelada and Guiones. Establishing a 200 meter buffer zone between the ocean and any development helps to ensure a safe nesting spot for the annual arrival of sea turtles, or arribada. This 200 meter buffer zone has also been a large focus for the Nosara Civic Association as an effort for re-forestation. The NCA along with help of Costas Verdes and other orginizations such as TORTUGuiones have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to plant and maintain trees and vegetation along the beach areas. This not only serves as a biological corridor for numerous amounts of wildlife, but also helps to protect our coasts from erosion. If you would like to get involved, the orginizations at the bottom of this page all offer a unique way to contribute to the sustainability efforts of Nosara. 


When it comes to healthy living, its obvious that Nosara is sitting amongst some of the top places in Costa Rica. An abundance of yoga, surfing, fitness, holistic medicine and organic solutions all work together to create the desirable lifestyle that Nosara is so well known for. When people live a healthy lifestyle, the mindset that follows is what the "pura vida" attitude is all about. 


Water is precious no matter where on Earth you go, Nosara is no different. Situated in a tropical dry forest, we understand that water is not an unlimited resource. As we continue to grow we are consciously making the effort to ensure that our water supply is conserved properly and can be distributed fairly and consistently. As with any growing community we are adapting and upgrading our infrastructure. This advancement is led by the Playas de Nosara ASADA, which is headed by a group of local Nosara residents whom work diligently with the community on all levels of development. 

Sustainable Design

Renewable energy and sustainable design have recently gained Costa Rica a spotlight on a global scale. When one walks through the neighborhoods of Nosara it is easy to see that the influence is greatly felt here. As we continue to develop we must all keep in mind what it is that brought us here in the first place. An abundance of green space and tastefully crafted design is the key to a bright future. Technologies like solar energy and recycled building materials are beginning to emerge in Nosara making it much easier for new development to work cohesively with the environment. 


It is our core belief that in order to see our community develop maturely we must put the environment first. That is why we not only contribute to the preservation through community action but we also do our best to exemplify it within the representation and sales of real estate. As realtors in Nosara we feel that is is not just our job to sell you a property, but also to help define how your lifestyle will influence our community. The most important way to achieve this is through education. From the moment that you walk in our office you will understand how we strive to arm you with the essential tools and valuable knowledge that will ensure your impact here in Nosara is a positive one. Not just for real estate, but for the people, the animals, and all of the environmant. 

If you would like to find out more in depth details on how you can make a difference, visit any of the below organizations or contact us.


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