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Alison Vieira


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Alison was born in Guyana, South America, and raised in Toronto, Canada. There she attained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors degree, with a concentration in Photography and Design, from York University. Post graduation, she worked as a Freelance Photo Assistant to many of Toronto’s awarded Commercial Photographers which eventually lead to co-owning a photo studio whose work focused primarily with Advertising and Editorial clients for the Corporate sector of Toronto. 

In early 2013, a 1 month vacation to Costa Rica to escape a chilly Canadian winter would fast forward into almost 6 years later, as within Nosara, Alison found her creative side flourished notably. Her architectural photographs of many of Nosara’s beautiful homes have been featured in prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal: Mansion, Elle Décor and Airbnb magazines respectively in recent years. “By working so closely with clients to showcase their vacation properties visually, as well as with local builders and architects for their own portfolios, my appreciation for architecture, decor and real estate has grown exponentially.” 

In joining the Wanderlust team as their first female Realtor, Alison hopes to inspire others to actualize their vision of a jungle/beach side sanctuary and to help curate the magic within those walls that is Nosara.

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Alison’s New Luxury

Where opulence is seen in the sunrises, sunsets and celestial nightscapes.
Where extravagance is heard in the exuberance of the jungle orchestra.
Where grandiose is felt in the simplicity of your hammock’s cocoon.
Where affluence is experienced in scent of the air after a rain fall.
Where abundance is tasted in salty-air kisses from the ocean.
This is MY New Luxury Nosara Lifestyle.
— Alison Vieira