Brian Neal

Brian Neal


Partner, Office Manager, Broker
506 8705 8152

Brian is originally from southeastern North Carolina and spent many weekends there sport fishing along the NC coast. That love of sport fishing brought Brian to Nosara for a vacation in 2011, and he’s been here full time ever since.

Brian has been working in the travel and real estate business for 7 years in Nosara. Prior to living in Costa Rica,  he co-owned an operated a large chain of convenience stores and opened one of the first brewpubs to be located in North Carolina. He helped lead North Carolina’s legislation for a new industry of brewpubs and microbreweries in the mid 1990’s. Today there are over 180 brewpubs located in his state.

When you don’t see Brian at the Wanderlust Realty office, he’s either sport fishing or traveling the world. Brian began an annual fishing tournament in Playa Garza 7 years ago that is attended by anglers from all over the world. He also mentors young entrepreneurs in Nosara and sees them as a vital part of the future for the town.

“It’s important to me that we give back to our young budding entrepreneurs. There have been people in my life that had given me advice, support and love throughout the years. I’d like to carry on that tradition."

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