Top Reasons We LOVE Nosara


Each and every one of us has our own personal connection to Nosara. The community is filled with little treasures waiting to be discovered. In no particular order, these are some of our favorites:

  • Shared Values - Life in Nosara has its share of challenges, and we all know its not some big hippy love fest. That said, on a spectrum of values, most of us who chose to live here aren’t very far apart from one another. Facebook bravado aside, if you sit any two Nosarenos down at a table, be it Ticos, Gringos, Euros, Perros, whatever, and talk about big picture values, chances are they won’t be too far apart from one another. We love our nature. We value hard work. We REALLY value our fun and free time. We want to be healthy and strong. We love where we live and the lifestyle it allows us. Most of us like that our businesses are growing, but are a little wary of how fast things are changing. At the end of the day, if we as a community can recognize that we share these values, and take the opportunity to make them our community priorities, there is no reason that we cannot continue to create more of what we love and want in Nosara.

  • Parklands - Not sure if you have noticed or not, but we have an incredible amount of intact jungle winding its way throughout our community. This is a shared asset that brings untold value to our town. The Nosara brand is founded on visitors being able to commune with nature throughout their stay. The primal experience of connecting with nature, while not always comfortable, is an essential element to the Nosara experience. That is not something that you can easily put a price on. Hopefully this will be a feature of Nosara for generations to come.

  • Trail System - The NCA has developed an extensive system of walking and bike trails throughout our community. This interconnectedness allows pedestrians and cyclists to move throughout the community without the risk of being run over or breathing excessive amounts of dust. If you haven’t taken the time to walk the trails, we highly recommend it. Not only is there an abundance of wildlife, but the trails at the north end of Pelada have several ocean view lookouts that are absolutely breathtaking at sunset.

  • Surfer Culture - Nosara is home to Playa Guiones, arguably one of the most consistent waves on the planet. There might be waves that are more perfect or better barrels to be found, but for a straight up good time, Nosara can't be beat. I challenge you to name another warm water wave that breaks on any tide, any swell and is fun for every one. It is an every day event to see entire families paddle out together for a morning surf. A break like that, attached to community as diverse and safe as Nosara, is a true surfer’s paradise.

  • Yoga - There is no denying that Yoga is part of Nosara’s DNA. Yoga hotels, Yoga retreats, Yoga classes, Yoga pants, Yoga food, Hanging Yoga, SUP Yoga, Hard Yoga, Soft Yoga, Kundalini, Vinayasa, Mulah Banga, Chataranga, we got it all. They are flexible, fit, and focused on spiritual growth. Sounds like a group of great neighbors to me.

  • Community Pride - We all love where we live. We have all made a conscious choice to be here and to take on the challenges and joys of jungle life. Most of us have forgone the conveniences of home, in exchange for a life that is a little more raw, a little closer to the dirt. There are dues to pay to make it here, and when you have passed through your Nosara baptism, you better believe that we take pride in that accomplishment. That community pride is what drives most of our neighbors to be active participants in the any number of community organizations, and those groups, in lieu of any meaningful government assistance, is what allows our community to function and prosper.

  • Seasonality - Our year is split down the middle with two distinct seasons, Mud season and Dust season. The busiest time of our year coincides with the dry season and cold weather up north. When it’s freezing in most of Europe and the USA, you can count on 7 days a week of hot sunshine and good surf here in Nosara. And right about the time that our parched jungles are about to burst into flames from a long season of no water, the skies burst in May and we experience a re-birth of green. Most locals will tell you that the rainy season is their favorite time of year. A little cooler, a little calmer and a whole lot shadier. And when the rain peaks in October and your books have molded over and you can’t stand the damp any longer, the sun breaks free, the wind goes offshore, and the snowbirds return to spend their hard earned money. We might not have 4 seasons, but both of ours are warm and worth looking forward to.

  • Local Culture - Costa Rica is renowned for its warm, friendly welcoming culture and local Nosaranians are no exception. They are an integral part of our local community and economy. The last few years has seen an explosion of young Tico entrepreneurs participating in the community's growth and tourism. Locally owned surf shops, surf schools, restaurants, kids camps and more, give visitors a chance to engage with local Ticos and experience the obvious pride that they have for their country and businesses. *a complete list of Costa Rican owned Nosara businesses will be posted soon

  • Frontier Community - Nosara is in every sense of the word a frontier community. The old timers paid the hardest dues and things have certainly gotten much easier in the last 10 years, but our town is still creating itself. We love and respect that we play a role in shaping the identity of our community and most of our neighbors do too. Every home built, every business started and every decision made has an immediate impact on our shared space. This is exciting in that we are captaining our own ship. We, as a community can choose our course. If we identify and openly discuss our shared values, we have the chance to become exactly who we want to be. Our community, our town, our Nosara, is a direct reflection of us. Nosara is not happening to us, in the way that New York City can make you or break you, we are in fact, happening to Nosara.