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Impact brokerage

We are only successful if those around us benefit as well

Wanderlust Realty is above all grateful. Our commitment to the community and the natural environment all flows seamlessly from a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to call Nosara home. We are committed to be a positive force within our community. As a boutique office exempt of corporate fees, we can allocate more funds to local charities and causes. Our individual team members all actively work with local charities and various non-profits in the Nosara area. We believe that a successful business should be held to a higher standard than just profitability.



As a real estate company, we are catalysts for selling the local environment, as well as the rights to alter it, to new community members. We leverage this position as a first point of contact with new buyers, investors and developers to promote economically and environmentally sustainable development. Our Environmental Pledge gives our clients a practical framework for sustainable development that has been tailored to address community-specific environmental issues such as wildlife loss, deforestation and water shortages.

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Sustainable Building Practices

The objective of sustainable building is to reduce the overall impact of the building on the natural environment. This can be accomplished by implementing energy and water efficient systems, as well as reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

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Environmental Conservation

Through our Environmental Pledge, we educate our clients on how to maintain a healthy, diverse wildlife population on their property. We will work with you to preserve native trees and natural wildlife crossings.

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Community Engagement

The Nosara Community is blessed with a network of passionate and dedicated individuals who understand the value in giving back. Here in Nosara, we have more than 17 non-profit organizations that are committed to making Nosara, and the world, a better place. We help our clients find a local organization that interests them, and get involved in our vibrant community.


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