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nosara is new luxury

New Luxury is a redefinition of success. It is a recognition that happiness and things are not necessarily connected. It is a wholistic approach to wellness and life. New Luxury is flexible, elastic and waiting for you to create your own definition.

We asked our team to share what new luxury means to them.

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“New Luxury is living a life that you don’t need a vacation from.”

Allan Monestel


“Living more intentionally while surrounded by natural beauty within a vivacious and supportive community - this is my new luxury!”

Liana Johnson


“New luxury is acknowledging the health benefits of watching a sunset. It’s recognizing the subtle reminder to slow down, when you come across a road block conducted by farm animals. It’s the sense of community you feel while dancing around a bonfire on the beach under a full moon. It’s waking up to howler monkey calls instead of an alarm clock.”

Reagan Jackson


New Luxury is being able to give the gift of authenticity to yourself and those around you. It is being grateful for the opportunity to work hard and live well.

Brandon Richardson


“New luxury for me is cherishing happy moments, instead of things. It’s having the liberty to simply explore and enjoy one of the most amazing places in the world during every day life, not as a bucket list task.”

Alex Reyes


“I believe that new luxury is a state of mind and way of living that puts emphasis on personal growth and expansion, both for yourself and the community. These new luxuries are all founded in authenticity, wellness and shared values.”

Brian Neal


“Where opulence is seen in the sunrises, sunsets and celestial nightscapes. Where extravagance is heard in the exuberance of the jungle orchestra. Where grandiose is felt in the simplicity of your hammock’s cocoon. Where affluence is experienced in scent of the air after a rain fall. Where abundance is tasted in salty-air kisses from the ocean. This is MY New Luxury Nosara Lifestyle.”

Alison Vieira


“New luxury is a new way to take and enjoy what really fulfills your soul with admiration, peace and gratitude. ”

Tanya Rosales


“New Luxury is a mentality, a state of mind. It is not something that can be represented in materialistic form. New Luxury embodies an appreciation for that which can only be felt through our emotions, not our senses. Things like adventure, relationships, conversations, and experiences. That is new Luxury to me.”

Nathan Jackson


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