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Boutique is Better

We are Nosara’s only boutique real estate office, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Wanderlust Realty has been rooted in Nosara from day one, created and developed to specifically address the unique challenges of the Nosara Real Estate market. No plans of world domination, no blackhearted corporate overlords. All Nosara, all the time. Our agile size and local knowledge allow us to pivot and adapt as needed to constantly provide our clients with the best, most modern service in the market.

Not having to toe the corporate line allows us to focus on better communication with our clients, both buyers and sellers. We constantly create unique strategies to market our properties and ways to increase our social media presence. By maintaining a dedicated in-house creative team, we are able to produce unique marketing materials that appeal specifically to clients who are already committed to the Nosara lifestyle.



Professional quality video and photographic content are the new standard for any property listing that wants to be taken seriously. We've seen that standard and raised it.

The Wanderlust Realty Creative Department is an integral component of our company. Professional-grade equipment and technology, combined with high level skill sets in design and digital content production, allow our team to operate at a truly international level. Our in-house creative team enables us to show your property and tell your story in the best possible way.

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Every property has a story that makes it unique.
Let us tell yours.

We work with each and every one of our sellers to tease out the details that make their property and story unique. This time intensive approach allows us to create unique marketing materials that attract serious buyers. The detailed stories and high level imagery allow potential buyers to make emotional connections to the property via online interaction. By digging deeper and committing to the extra work, we have proven time and again that buyers place a premium on well represented properties.



Your property will get the exposure it deserves.

Telling your property's story and creating professional imagery is just phase one. Next step is to share your property with the world. Wanderlust Realty maintains an active readership of thousands of interested clients. This audience is curated through consistent use of social media, blogs, strategic partnerships and a large mailing list. Today's market is all about online presence, so naturally it all starts with a website that showcases your property where it will be noticed.


The Dream Team

Wanderlust Realty team members are always searching for new and innovative ways to bring the proper exposure to your property. Nosara is a destination town - it's important to place emphasis on strategic marketing of your properties and seeking essential data that can help target and attract qualified buyers. Our team members are a diverse group that have a variety of skills, experiences and motivations to work consistently for you and to give you the best possible outcome for selling. 


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