Wanderlust Quick Guide to Nosara Schools


Moving your family to a foreign country can be challenging, but finding your child's school options shouldn't be. We've put together this quick guide to schools in the Nosara area to save you time and help make the process a bit less intimidating. For a small town, Nosara has a diverse array of schools with a variety of educational philosophies. 


Del Mar Academy

Educational Philosophy: Montessori & IB Program
Ages/Grades: Toddler - 12th Grade
School Year: September - July
Neighborhood: Pelada
Bilingual: Yes



Our academic program spans from the primary level where it is founded in Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the 11th and 12th grades.  The whole program is unified throughout by a student-centered, Constructivist approach; an innovative bilingual program in English and Spanish, and a strong environmental education program with access to the tremendous natural resources surrounding us on campus and beyond. All together, this shapes our unique identity in the Costa Rican and international independent school world.  We believe that our well-rounded, integrated approach provides a liberating and extraordinary foundation for children as they prepare for successive grades, higher education, and life. Each program at DMA, from the Toddler through the 12th grade, builds upon the preceding program and lays the groundwork for the next. By graduation from 12th grade, students at DMA have experienced the numerous advantages of a comprehensive and sequential education of the highest quality. DMA is accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.  We plan to pursue additional accreditations in the future.


Contact Information

Website: www.delmaracademy.com
Email: maria@delmaracademy.com
Phone: 2682-1213

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Casa de las Estrellas

Educational Philosophy: Waldorf
Ages/Grades: Preschool - 4th Grade
School Year: September - July
Neighborhood: South Guiones/Garza
Bilingual: Yes


Casa de las Estrellas is a Waldorf inspired school. Our kinder garden is designed to receive children from ages 2 to 6. The mixed age classroom creates a sense of family where the older children can be caregivers and role models, and younger ones can be inspired, yet never encouraged to do anything they are not ready for. We provide an environment that supports a child's imagination, sense of wonder, capacity for creative play and connection to the natural world.  

The teachers engage in practical activities including cooking, sewing, knitting, gardening, woodworking and cleaning, in which the children are encouraged to participate and imitate. They become authors of their own creations through watercolor, crayon, knitting and crafts, while storytelling and circle time nurtures their imagination as well as their motor and neurological functions required for the development of language as a fundamental skill for social interaction, expression, growth and reasoning. 

Healthy imaginative free play takes up most of our day, for it is the single most important activity through which children challenge and perfect their abilities as a whole. Motor skills language, reasoning, construction, fantasy and imagination, planning and organization, and interpersonal skills are being tested and improved. It is the space in which children digest their experiences and emotions, and strengthen their minds through the use of open ended natural play materials. 

We spend a large portion of the day outside learning intimately from nature.  We observe wildlife, the changes of the seasons, and the coming and going of the tides. We honor the rhythm of the seasons, the movement of the stars and planets, and the wisdom of our ancestors through yearly celebrations and story telling. 


Contact Information

Website: www.casadelasestrellas.org
Email: casadelasestrellascr@gmail.com
Phone: 8946-6150

Home School Beach & Spanish Immersion

Educational Philosophy: Homeschool Educational Program
Ages/Grades: 3rd - 8th Grade
School Year: November - June
Neighborhood: Esperanza
Bilingual: Yes


HomeSchool Beach Nosara, an out of the box education in Nosara, Costa Rica, offers a half day, bilingual experiential and eco-based educational program for families with children ages 8 to 14, whether they live here for a month, semester, a year, or indefinitely! 

This unique program is enriched with hands on, community and eco-based learning. Children are driven by their natural curiosity and interests and they are challenged and inspired through teacher created projects, hands on activities and field trips to bring learning alive to make it meaningful. Children apply their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills by working with others in a small group and indpendently to become life long learners and leaders in the Sciences, Math, English, Spanish, Social Science and Business. 

The love and compassion for one self, one another and nature is expressed in environmental projects, sustainable on site gardening and community give back projects throughout the year. This is a place where the whole child builds his/her confidence, skills, knowledge and tools to be happy and successful by being active participants in their own learning adventure.

- Founder, Paige Wilson


Contact Information

Website: https://homeschoolnosaracostarica.education
Email: homeschoolbeachcr@gmail.com
Phone: 8718-8971

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Elimar High School

Educational Philosophy: Montessori
Ages/Grades: Daycare - 3rd Grade
School Year: February - December
Neighborhood: Nosara
Bilingual: Yes


Translated from Spanish: The Elimar High School is an institution that provides pre-school education services, I and II Cycles, Foreign Language, complementary areas, where students get the opportunity and pleasure to learn and train creative, critical and participatory individuals; able to enter the labor field knowing the new technologies, respecting the values nd harmonizing their integral, ethical and aesthetic development with our idiosyncrasies

At the Elimar High School, our vision is to be an institution committed to educating students with openness to the changes required for the successful implementation of new educational policies, through the teamwork of administrative staff , teachers, students, parents, caregivers, and community in general; for the integral formation of the students, contributing with the improvement of their quality of life, for the obtaining of respectful citizens of the values n harmony with their natural and socio-cultural environment ...


Contact Information

Website: www.elimarhighschoolnosara.com
Email: info@elimarhighschoolnosara.com
Phone: 2682-5330



Written by:

Reagan Grant