Nosara Real Estate Map & Sections


by Nathan Jackson

One of the first things you will learn when exploring real estate in the Nosara area, is how important the Nosara Real Estate Map is. We wont get into the full history of the map in this blog but we will cover the parklands, the refuge, and the sections; or as we like to call them neighborhoods. Let’s get started with perhaps one of the most important aspects of Nosara:


The Nosara Civic Association Parklands

(represented by green canopy)

When you look at the map, the first thing you notice is that there is a vast amount of green space in and around the area. Other than the 200m stretch along the coast, this is all privately held parkland. Here you can find an abundance of the local biodiversity that Costa Rica is so well-known for. In an upcoming post we will discuss the intricate network of the NCA Wilderness Trails and how walking through the parklands is more noteworthy (and faster) than driving on the road.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge

(the region along the shoreline)

One of the most important assets to Nosara is the protected wildlife refuge that encompasses a 200m deep by 15Km long stretch of land covering the shores of Playa Ostional, Playa Nosara, Playa Pelada, & Playa Guiones. Created in 1984 to protect the nesting sites of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, this refuge has served as a vital component that continues to limit and curate the type of development that we see along our coastline. To contribute to the refuge, visit Tortuguiones.



within Playa Guiones


K Section

(South Guiones Entrance)

In K Section one can expect to find some of the most beautiful rental homes in the area. An abundance of wellness activities, resorts, and surf schools provide something unique for all visitors. Properties here tend to be a bit larger than the other sections along the beach and offer a very organic feel to them. Many of the homes here are built behind a facade of lush jungle landscaping and cant be seen from the road. If a peaceful jungle vibe, and a nice stroll to the beach is what your looking for then K Section has something for you.
Points of Interest: Bodhi TreeYoga Resort, Green Sanctuary, Le Cabanon, Agua Tibia Surf School


J Section

(Central Guiones Entrance)

Moving up the coast along Playa Guiones we come to J Section. This is the beachside area of the Guiones “downtown”. J Section is home to many great rental homes mixed in with several high-end hotels and beachside commercial spaces. No matter where you go in J Section, you are never more than a 5 minute walk from the surf.
Points of Interest: Harmony Hotel, Beach Dog Cafe, Olas Verdes, Harbor Reef, Nosara Surf Shop, Love Nosara


I Section

A short walk in-shore will bring you to the rest of Playa Guiones’ “downtown” area. Here you will find the Wanderlust Realty office along with the highest concentration of boutique commercial spaces. The Cafe De Paris Shopping center extends down from the main road and is composed of commercial rental space on the lower level, and apartment/office space on the upper level. Several casual-style restaurants and many transportation rental options make I Section an obvious first stop for new visitors in the Nosara area.
Points of Interest: Rosie’s Soda Tica, Nosara Bagel House, Robin’s Cafe, Bliss Properties, Colibri Tennis Club, Fishing Nosara, Olo Alaia


G Section

(North Guiones Entrance)

The fast growing G Section could be characterized as the other Guiones “downtown” area. It seems like everyday one can find new restaurants, hotels, homes and more popping up around this area. G Section’s grid-like layout, creates room for more condensed development than other places in Nosara. This area is home to Nosara’s most exciting nightlife and expat culture, although it could hardly be called night life due to the fact most everything around here shuts down at 11:00pm… and we like it that way.
Points of Interest: The Gilded Iguana, La Negra, Pura Pizza, Burgers & Beers, 10 Pies, Delicias Del Mundo, Casa Romantica, Sushi Mar, Go Juice, Kaya Sol


H Section

(Calle Los Mangos)

Located behind the busiest commercial center in Playa Guiones, lies one of the most sought after residential corridors in the area. “Calle Los Mangos” as locals refer to it, is exactly what it sounds like. A pleasant stretch of jungle road accompanied by massive mango trees. The canopy above often hosts a congregation of howler monkeys looking to partake in the abundance of fruits and foliage. As property becomes available in the future, expect many more stylish rental homes to appear in this ideal residential neighborhood.
Points of Interest: NALU Studio, The Nomadic Hotel, Eskina Skatepark, El Local, The Gardens Hotel, Pacifica Azul, 4You Hostel


Sections E, EE, F, M

(Las Huacas)

Known as “Las Huacas”, the mountains behind Playa Guiones are home to some of the most epic ocean view properties anywhere in Costa Rica. Large parcels of land, cool breezes, and ultimate privacy, make the Las Huacas sections area the perfect area for large estate homes and rentals. Here you will find some of the most amazing displays of architectural design in the area.
Points of Interest: Refuge for Wildlife, Tierra Magnifica


within Playa Pelada


D Section

Nestled right in-between Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada, lies a beautiful mountain ridge offering spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding hilltops. D Section has seen a great deal of new development in the last few years so the homes here portray a fresh contemporary styling. If you are looking for some great ocean views under a 5 minute drive from both Guiones & Pelada then D section is the place to be.
Points of Interest: Vista del Mar, Vivo Nosara


C Section

(North & South Pelada Beach Entrances)

C Section is, as I like to call it, the new frontier. In the last 3 years there has been a substantial amount of investment into this section of Playa Pelada. Playa Pelada is known for being a family friendly beach area. It is infamous for its gorgeous tide pools and blow hole. C Section consists of the central primary commercial corridor which leads you down to the main beach entrance. Here you can find the only beachfront restaurants in the area. The southern portion, running parallel to the central commercial road, is known as the Pelada Ridge Road. This area is a nice, predominately residential neighborhood, where you can enjoy a quiet peaceful vibe and some consistent cool breezes. The northern part of C Section consists of many rental homes that offer a short walk to both the northern and southern Pelada beach entrances. If you are looking for a wise investment at an affordable price point then C Section is a great place to start.
Points of Interest: La Luna, Olga’s Bar, El Chivo, Il Pepperoni, Tonito’s, Seekret Spot, Nosara Functional Fitness, Hotel El Ramal, La Bodega, Burnt Toast Surf Camp


Sections A & B

(The Boca)

Stunning sunset ocean views and the Nosara River Mouth make A Section one of the most sought after areas in Nosara. Here you have the best of both worlds. From the River Mouth, one can pick from an adventurous array of wildlife tours including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding, ATV, and hiking. If its relaxation and a good meal you are seeking, you can enjoy a luxurious dining experience and the most epic sunset view around at Lagarta Lodge. Access to many of the NCA Nature trails also put A Section within walking distance to the beach and the biological reserve.
Points of Interest: Lagarta Lodge, Boca Nosara Tours, Villa Mango


R Section

(Nosara Springs)

Teeming with mature vegetation and an abundance of wildlife, R Section is home to the ultimate jungle surroundings. Locals refer to R Section as Nosara Springs, which stretches along the Rio Nosara. Much of Nosara Springs is Biological Reserve land and consists of nature trails winding through swampy picturesque scenery. If your visiting Costa Rica to experience the famous biodiversity, then a visit to Nosara Springs is a must.
Points of Interest: Nosara Biological Reserve


Sections L & N

(Del Mar Academy & The Gas Station)

Del Mar Academy is undeniably one of Nosara’s most important assets. The Internationally accredited Montessori school has shaped the development of L & N Sections into a quaint neighborhood full of long terms renters and full time residents. N Section is also home to the only gas station in the area, as well as the local hardware store and shopping area. With a large amount of space to expand, this area is projected to be a vital part of the Nosara Real Estate market in the coming years.
Points of Interest: Del Mar Academy, Beach Blend Coffee, Nosara Ferreteria (Hardware Store), Banco de Costa Rica, La Bomba (gas station), Arepa’s Ceviche



Written by:

Nathan Jackson