Allan Monestel

Allan Monestel


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Allan was born and raised in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  He moved to San Jose for university where he got a degree in Information Technologies for Business Management at Universidad Latina. As a person who grew up in the mountains of Costa Rica surrounded by nature, Allan was taught to always care for it. His love of the outdoors and Costa Rican biodiversity inspired him to start capturing it’s beauty. This led him to pursue photography and to spend a semester abroad in the United States studying photography and graphic design at Sante Fe University of Art and Design. 

After returning to Costa Rica and spending time traveling around the country, he landed in Nosara because he believes that this small town has all the best that Costa Rica has to offer. 

“I believe that we must live in a place we don't need a vacation from, live in a place that makes us enjoy our daily lives as an adventure, surrounded by beauty, and that inspires us to appreciate the simply things in life”. 

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New luxury is living a life you don’t need a vacation from.
— Alan Monestel


As Wanderlust’s principle photographer, you can see Allan’s work featured on our Instagram, and throughout the site on the majority of our property listings.