Stop the Shocks Monkey Race 2018


On June 24th, the members of the Nosara community put on their running shoes in support of the Stop the Shocks Project, whose mission is to prevent wildlife electrocutions on uninsulated transformers and power lines. The annual Stop the Shocks Monkey Race, organized by HomeSchool Beach Nosara, has been a favorite among the local and expat communities for 6 years running now. Participants of the 1k race ran along a stretch of beautiful Playa Guiones, while 5k and 10k racers continued on a loop encircling all of Guiones. In total, the event raised $2,081!


Special thanks to all of the business and people that volunteered:

HomeSchool Beach Nosara for organizing the event.
AL CHILE & Harmony Hotel for providing a space for the race and awards ceremony, for all the support to in helping with organization of it and for donating the pipa water.
Nosara Civic Association for preparing and allowing the use of the beautiful trails system as race routes.
Wanderlust Realty for donating photographic services.
Bomberos de Nosara for donating the use of their tent.
Super Nosara for donating the bananas.

Most importantly the amazing people of Nosara: Paige WilsonBrenda Sue BombardCindy GonzálezCatalina SánchezShari SliwaReagan GrantJill RyanNikki CabreraNathaniel G. JacksonAllan MonestelSarah Catherine ZulferAlison VieiraLeslie JohnstonAlex RCVeronica Monge, Andrew Weinstein, Kathryn Golightly, Juanito. 

and to ALL of the other volunteers and participants!

This is Nosara: a community of nationals and foreigners living in a paradise. We don’t give up, we organize, we support, we move, we go ahead.
— Kuki Araya
President, Nosara Civic Association



Photography by:

Allan Monestel

Photography by:

Alison Vieira

Drone Photography by:

Nathan Jackson

Inscription Volunteer, Water Station Volunteer, & Written by:

Reagan Jackson

Map Volunteer:

Alex Reyes