7 Reasons Why We Love Rainy Season


by Alison Vieira

In Costa Rica, there are two distinct seasonal times of the year: the “Green Season” and the “Dry Season”. Green Season runs from May to mid-November and is referred to as the country’s winter. While mid-November to April is referred to as the Dry Season and is considered their summer. Both have their advantages and it is just matter of a simple perception shift to enjoy both equally as I have grown to realize in my time here. 

See, when living my previous urban lifestyle, I would dodge droplets like it was some sort of plague materializing from the heavens above. With having a curly top, rain was always a nemesis, forget if I actually made some feeble attempt to straighten my locks. Result: instant frizz horror show of massive proportions! The two were like oil and water; they were just not meant to be mixed. Never would I have fathomed that I would catch myself actually delighting in a rainfall to the point where I can embrace what historically I would have shunned and recoiled from. 

Here are 7 reasons why rainy Season really isn’t so bad after all:


#1 WALKING ON SUNSHINE: Contrary to popular belief, Green Season just means you need to adjust your outdoor time clock a bit. Generally speaking, mornings tend to be bright and sunny, so still plenty of time to get your suntan on or go on an adventure. Afternoons often bring showers and sometimes also rather intensely roaring thunderstorms, but this is not an absolute either. Tamer on the docket are some cool meteorological sightings like sun showers or rainbows, and I’ll tell you, these wonders never get old. As for dusk, often those cloudy skies can display some really epic sunsets with moody pastels that will produce a most vivid palette of note.


#2 AN EXPLOSION OF LIFE: Fauna and flora will literally bloom at its fullest during this period and be its’ most vibrant. In turn, Costa Rica becomes a wildlife enthusiasts’ playground as insect, bird, reptile and mammal species alike begin feasting on the spoils of Mother Nature. Green will also undoubtedly become one of your favorite colors as the junglescapes will emit a type of phosphorescence glow like nothing you have seen before. Toss in some vegetation lined mountains, dolloped with some mystical mist vistas, and voilà… you will have your total #ilovenosara heart burst moment. 


#3 LESS PEEPS: Diminished crowds means you will have more frequent instances of feeling like the place is all your own. Ever sit on an beach where the next person is merely a spec in the distance? It is a thing of magic and it gifts the notion that you have stumbled upon your own private paradise.  


#4 COOLER WEATHER: Dry season…think of it as a one massive, mythical detox session. You will sweat like you have never before. No joke. Hugs between friends are often greeted by a: “Oh sorry, I am a hot, sweaty mess!” Guess what? In Green Season…nope, never gets said! The showers bring in a cooler, crisp airs and more moderate temperatures to appreciate. You might even need a sweater!


#5 DEALS! DEALS! DEALS: As a vacationer, this period will be less of a dent to your pocket book as prices for accommodations are 30-50% less than in peak season, so more specials and availability. Here’s the insider tip: I’ll spell it out…B-A-R-G-A-I-N-S. You’re welcome!


#6 “DON’T GO CHASING WATERFALLS”: …says nobody here EVER around these parts! Quite the contrary. In Costa Rica, rivers will begin to swell and hence rapids will have more movement. “Hola water bounty!” Nosara has a popular waterfall that can be found on a creek that feeds onto the Rio Nosara named Mala Noche. Go with a local or join a quad tour company that will lead you there for your own personal TLC experience. 


#7 HAMMOCK TIME: The hammock. One of life’s greatest inventions, hands down. Until I started spending more time in Costa Rica, I unfortunately, had not spent many occasions in one. Now the proud owner of a colorful weaved fabric number, I simply cannot imagine my world without it. My daily ritual has become always finding time to be suspended in this cloth cocoon just to take a momentary pause. Raining days garner no sweeter instances than those where you are perched, dry on your covered patio, listening to the down pour’s symphony.


Written by:

Alison Vieira

Photography by:

Allan Monestel


Videography & Production by:

Trevor Francis